Britain's Stephen Barclay Becomes 3rd Brexit Secretary

British Prime Minister Theresa May in a media conference broadcast on TV on Thursday. Yesterday she made a rare outing on a radio phone-in during which she faced a call to step down

UK Motion of No Confidence: Tory Rebels Claim to Have the Required 48 Votes

Several British newspapers reported that five senior pro-Brexit ministers are working together to pressure May to change the deal, but writing in the Sun on Sunday newspaper May said she sees no alternative plan on the table.

Andrea Leadsom, the minister in charge of government business in parliament, has told the BBC that she was supporting May but was not fully happy with the deal.

May is battling to win over rebels in her Conservative Party and and to preserve her position as prime minister after a grueling week in which party members plotted to oust her and two Cabinet ministers quit within hours of her government striking the long-sought divorce agreement with the EU.

"I know that Gibraltar has no intention of being a back door, but instead a centre of high quality financial services", Mr Barclay said at the time.

The draft withdrawal agreement has prompted widespread criticism and fear that the United Kingdom's economy will sustain serious damage if a better deal for its exit from the European Union can not be reached.

Stephen Barclay, who until yesterday was a junior health minister but had previously served as Economic Secretary to the Treasury, replaced Dominic Raab, who resigned on Thursday over the draft plan for leaving the EU. "I think it's absolutely vital that we focus on getting the right deal in the future, and making sure that in the areas that matter so much to the British people we can get a good outcome", said Gove, 51, a potential successor to May.

Sir Graham, a pro-Brexit MP for Altrincham and Sale West, said he had not submitted a letter of no confidence himself because he believed it was not the right time to challenge Mrs May.

More than 20 Conservative lawmakers have written to call for May to go, and a total 48 requests are needed to trigger a leadership contest.

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But he added the U.S. wanted to find a way of preserving a "strong and historic partnership" with Saudi Arabia. The last text message the ambassador sent to Khashoggi was on October 26, 2017, she said.

"I will be going back to Brussels, I will be in touch with other leaders as well, because the summit next week - and it is next week - this special European Council, will be among the European leaders".

On balance, Tory councillors want their MPs to vote in favour of the deal.

In fairness to the prime minister, getting a withdrawal agreement that would ensure no hard border on the island of Ireland, satisfy the European Union and make parliament happy would be, at best, extraordinarily difficult.

May spent the weekend contacting leading Conservatives, seeking to win support for the draft Brexit agreement agreed earlier this week by the majority of her front bench ministers.

In a pointed warning to those who had called publicly for her unseating, she said that "a change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations any easier and it isn't going to change the parliamentary arithmetic".

She said the left-wing Labour main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was "playing party politics" with Brexit.

But for the UK's embattled prime minister, it's now all war and precious little peace.

They are also concerned this will make it harder to strike new trade deals with other major economies such as the United States. If an agreed deal on leaving between the government and the European Union is voted down by purist Brexiteers, do not be surprised if consensus on accepting the result of the referendum by remain voting MPs breaks down.

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