How Netflix may offer low-priced pricing to attract new subscribers

Netflix Just Started Offering A Mobile Plan For Just RM17 A Month!- WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Netflix is testing cheaper, mobile-only subscription plans

The downside to the Netflix plans being rolled out in Malaysia is that you can only stream in standard definition and not HD. "We are testing to understand consumer interest in a mobile-only plan in some countries", Netflix said in an emailed response to Reuters questions.

Netflix's mobile only plan costs just 17 Malaysian ringgit ($4.05) a month, which is roughly half of its Basic plan that costs 33 ringgit ($7.87). In fact, a new study by a Wall Street firm says a majority of U.S. Netflix users would be willing to pay a lot more for the service -40 percent or more than they now pay. The company told TechCrunch that it is running similar trials in a few countries, but declined to provide any additional details.

One of the main reasons Netflix is trying out a low-priced mobile only variant is its Pricing. The one downside of Netflix's subscriptions is the fact that it is more expensive than most of the other video-on-demand services.

As smartphones getting better and cheaper at the same time, with high-speed and affordable 4G mobile data, Netflix is planning to gain an advantage from the same by offering affordable subscription packages, especially for smartphones.

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There are a number of streaming services, both legal and illegal, as well as YouTube, that are now doubling down on their efforts to get a leg up in Asian markets with cheap, $3 to $4 plans that are appealing to the growing middle class. He didn't reveal any information about the plans in his interview, however.

Netflix chief executive officer Reed Hastings admitted recently that the firm did want to experiment with pricing models.

As I reported in August, Netflix is also in the middle of a drive to push customers away from subscribing to its services on Apple or Android, and instead to create a direct relationship with the company.

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