Denied booze, drunk Irish woman abuses and spits at Air India crew

Air India

‘If I say boycott Air India, done’: Irish woman abuses crew over wine

A video of the incident, which took place on 10 November, was shared by ANI in which the woman can be seen misbehaving with the crew aboard Air India flight AI 131. When her request was denied, she directed her anger towards the flight attendants and used racist slurs against them.

The business class passenger, who has been reported as Irish by a number of news outlets, demanded to speak with the pilot after the cabin crew denied her a bottle of wine as she was very drunk. "But you can't give me a (expletives) glass of wine, is that correct". She allegedly spat in the face of a crew member and twisted her arm. Noticing the state of the woman, the commander instructed the crew to stop serving her liquor. With profanity, she further said that she has been working for free as an global criminal lawyer for the Rohingyas and that they (Air India crew) can't even serve her a glass of wine.

Earlier, Air India was in the headlines when a pilot of the airline failed to pass the pre-flight alcohol test.

The video clip ends with the woman ranting at her fellow passengers for not "standing up against injustice".

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The passenger turned unruly after she finished two more quarter bottles of wine and she also lashed out at the other business class passengers for being mute witnesses, the report said. In the video, the woman, who described herself an global human rights lawyer, is seen yelling at and abusing a crew member of Air India.

A drunk Irish woman on an Air India flight was arrested upon arrival at the London's Heathrow airport for manhandling flight crew members and creating ruckus in the Air India Mumbai-London flight. I work for all you f**king people...

London Metropolitan Police confirmed to The Daily Mail that the woman was taken into custody once the plane landed at Heathrow Airport. These were among the few abusive phrases, the woman, who claimed to be an "international criminal lawyer", used for the cabin crew.

'Give me a bottle of wine and game over!' She then threatened to push over the dessert trolley. Also, Irish Republican Army.

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