Trump and Macron agree on European defence

Trump rips Macron call for unified European military

Macron Moves to Ease Tensions With Trump on European Defense

With Trump and other leaders looking on, Macron said nationalism is unsafe and the "ancient demons" responsible for World War I and millions of deaths are growing stronger.

The French president also raised Trump's plan to withdraw from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which the USA says Russian Federation has violated.

Trump introduced six American veterans of the Second World War and an USA eighth-grader who saved money for two years so he could attend the ceremony to honor the heroes of WWI.

In a French radio interview on Tuesday, Macron had referred to Trump´s plans to pull the United States out of a Cold War-era nuclear treaty and said a joint European Union force was needed to end Europe´s reliance on USA military might.

Putin also praised the idea of a European army because he said it could "strengthen the multipolar nature of the world".

French President Emmanuel Macron sought to defuse a row with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump on Saturday, hailing the "great solidarity" between their countries after Trump blasted his proposals for a European army.

Trump's tweet was especially wounding to Macron, one of the strongest USA allies in Europe. But the United States, Russia and China are not among them.

In a rare public display of emotion by the leaders of two world powers, Macron and Merkel held hands on Saturday during a poignant ceremony in the Compiegne Forest, north of Paris, where French and German delegations signed the Armistice that ended the war.

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"My conversation with President Putin was good and to the point - I would even say very important", Netanyahu said. "I'm delighted by this very innovative experimental approach", he said.

Last week at a news conference, Trump said: "You have nationalists".

Macron's comments on stronger European defense cooperation were not meant to add to the points of contention, and his stance is not new. Trump lumped the two topics together and tweeted as Air Force One landed in Paris on Friday night that it was "insulting" Macron wanted an army to defend Europe from the U.S.

Macron and his aides scrambled Saturday to clarify what the president views as the threats Europe faces today.

Macron said Europe needs to protect itself especially from China, Russia and the U.S.

Trump and his wife Melania, who had lunch with Macron and his wife Brigitte, later cancelled a planned visit to an American military cemetery northeast of Paris due to bad weather, leaving them free for the afternoon.

Trump was among more than 66 leaders gathered on a rainy day at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the base of the Arc de Triomphe a century after guns fell silent in a global war that killed millions. The president had been expected to meet with Putin during the visit, but will instead sit down with him formally later this month at a world leaders' summit in Buenos Aires.

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