Cloudflare app makes it simple use DNS on mobile


Cloudflare DNS service comes to Android on 11.11

On average, we are 28% faster than the next fastest public resolver.

The app is available for free download through Google Play and Apple's App Store. With the new app version, you will notice Cloudflare has been optimized to run on mobile. The service is a basic DNS server, but one for which Cloudflare has guaranteed user privacy and improved look-up speed.

Now, Cloudflare has launched a dedicated Android and iOS app for The first application to use the custom DNS from Cloudflare was launched in the spring of 2018 on computers.

Setting up the app Cloudflare DNS app is easy and will allow you, among other things, to access websites that may be restricted in your country. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) generally give you the short end of the stick with their DNS services, resulting in slower speeds-oh, and they can snoop on what you're looking at by logging your IP addresses.

The real test with these services, though, will come when you are out and about, and then trying to get online with a new connection.

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Beyond that, millions of websites rely on Cloudflare for performance and security. After downloading the app, users merely tap a switch and grant permission for the app to create a VPN.

Acceleration of the Internet can be noticeable only in terms of the initial loading of web pages - downloading and sending files is unlikely to become much faster.

"Frankly, we don't want to know what you do on the Internet-it's none of our business-and we've taken the technical steps to ensure we can't", Cloudflare says.

Mobile users could have used immediately after its launch, but very few did, as there's no easy way of changing DNS settings on a mobile device, like there is on PCs. Is there a certain browser or DNS service that you prefer to use over the others? To use it on your phone, just download and install the app, and turn it on.

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