Facebook Launches Lasso Video App to Attract More Teen Fans

Facebook launches TikTok-clone app called Lasso so teens will think it’s cool

Facebook just dropped a teen-focused 'viral clips' app called Lasso

For the time being, Android and iOS users in the USA can download the app. Users can create short videos with editing tools like filters, effects, flash, rotate and more. So you can clearly see what Facebook is trying to do care by creating a cross-platform network. In comparison, almost 69 percent of U.S. teenagers use Snapchat, 72 percent say they use Instagram and 85 percent say they use YouTube. The app also lets users record short clips similar to Vines which they can eventually share on the platform.

TikTok, a Chinese social media platform, is now globally recognized for the innovative ways in which it allows its users to share short videos.

Facebook last night launched Lasso, its competitor to the widely popular TikTok short-video service.

Facebook has cloned another popular social app.

Lasso's music library is one of the biggest. Facebook's product manager Andy Huang took to Twitter to announce the release of the new app.

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Edit 1: This app is not available for users in India as of now. The authorization is required to access the profile page and the videos and pictures.

The content sharing integration of Lasso with Instagram Stories is also expected to come soon.

Apparently, nearly half of teenagers in the US say they use Facebook, which is a decrease of 20 percent from 2015, according to Pew. Though the idea was to make Slingshot more than a Snapchat clone, you could only view an incoming message (shot) after you send a "shot" to the sender, Facebook didn't manage to capture the market.The app was discontinued and removed from the App store and Google Play store in December 2015, after Facebook shut down its Creative Labs division.

Its uncanny ability to know what's hot has in the past been driven at least in part by a creepy VPN-like app called Onavo, which it was forced to pull from the App Store after Apple told Facebook the app violated its policies governing data gathering.

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