Second Brexit referendum still an option, Labour MPs told

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab is trying to negotiate a deal

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab is trying to negotiate a deal

Chief Brexiteer and big brother Boris Johnson said the pair may not agree about Brexit, but were "united in dismay" over the UK's position. "There are many Conservative MPs who share Jo Johnson's serious concerns".

The unnamed pro-Brexit ministers have briefed May on their alternative plan, the newspaper reported, without citing sources.

The shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, has attempted to calm Labour dismay at Jeremy Corbyn's announcement that "we can't stop Brexit", by insisting the option of campaigning for a second referendum was still on the table.

The UK may not be able to reach a withdrawal deal with the European Union because controversial issues are still blocking an agreement, trade minister Liam Fox stated.

Britain has proposed a UK-wide temporary customs arrangement with the European Union to resolve the issue but Brexiteers in her party want London to have the final say on when that arrangement would end, to prevent it from being tied indefinitely to the bloc.

If a deal is voted down by parliament, the country could be thrust into an uncertain future: leaving abruptly without a deal, the collapse of May's government, an election, or, as some opponents of Brexit hope, a new referendum. They're questions about the Northern Ireland border, they're questions about the kind of regulatory framework in which we'll live.

He added that "it has become increasingly clear to me that the withdrawal agreement, which is being finalised in Brussels and Whitehall will be a awful mistake".

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A senior cabinet minister said: "This is the moment she has to face down Brussels and make it clear to them that they need to compromise, or we will leave without a deal". "We will not under any circumstances have a second referendum".

All eyes are now on Theresa May's increasingly hard balancing act amid fears that further resignations could see any Brexit deal at risk of being voted down by both Remainers and Brexiteers.

But even if she does get approval from her top team, there is growing concern that the Brexit deal will be voted down when it is put before MPs in December, according to a number of reports this weekend.

Still under the No Deal scenario "Britain stands on the brink of the greatest crisis since the Second World War", he said.

"The destination is constitutional crisis, where legislature will be in irreconcilable conflict with executive, Commons at odds with PM and her cabinet", Peston said in a post on Facebook.

This time, it is Jo Johnson, the secretary of State for transport and the younger brother of the former head of the diplomacy of Boris Johnson, who slams the door.

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