Flight attendant breastfeeds passenger’s baby as mother runs out of infant formula

Patrisha Organo 24 breastfeeding a strangers child during a flight

Patrisha Organo 24 breastfeeding a strangers child during a flight

Patrisha Organo (24) is a Philippine Airlines flight attendant.

Patrisha Organo, the crew member, shared in a Facebook post published Wednesday that her flight got underway without any issues.

The flight attendant, who has a almost one-year-old daughter at home, heard an infant fussing after takeoff. Patrisha Organo, Flight Attendant/Breastfeeding Advocate.

Though breast milk may not be on the ordinary in-flight menu, this stewardess was more than happy to offer up some nourishment for an anxious mother and her crying infant. "I felt a pinch in my heart", she wrote. That empathy, she said, came from her own personal journey with breastfeeding, which was not always an easy one. The child ate greedily, and then fell asleep.

"She had been at the airport since the night before so had ran out of milk during the actual flight, which is what caused the baby to cry".

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"I knew that I could offer my own milk, as I had been breastfeeding my young child myself, so offered up my services. I escorted her back to her seat and just before I left, the mother sincerely thanked me", she added.

'I knew the flight was going to be special to me, as I had just received a promotion in my role, but I didn't realise it would be this special.

The moving post has gone insane viral, wracking up 6.6K comments and 30,889 shares since it was shared on November 7. Yesteday, I was scheduled for a check flight to be qualified as a Cabin Crew Evaluator. "Your dedication, wisdom and compassion are a one-in-a-million combination", one commenter wrote. All the best to you in your career.

Feeding a baby with breastmilk from someone other than the mother does risk exposing the child to infectious diseases and other contaminants if the donor has not been screened, the Food and Drug Administration warns. But she never could have imagined just how special it would turn out.

Of course, the relief that the flight attendant provided both this mom and her L.O.is beyond heartening. Many praised Organo for going above and beyond her duty.

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