Google Chrome to start warning users about mobile subscription scams

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Google wants you to know its Chrome browser is looking out for you. Getty Images

Few days ago, it was revealed that Google will be blocking "abusive" ads on websites with the arrival of Chrome 71 browser. For starters, it will serve up warnings to prevent consumers from accidentally signing up for a subscription service.

"Picture this: Andrea is browsing the web on a mobile connection to access a gaming page and they're presented with a page that asks them for their mobile phone details", a post on the Chromium blog reads. If, for instance, a site displays the billing information in gray text over a gray background, that's a no-no. Inform users on what actions they will be charged for, before being charged. Ensure that the information is visible on all types of devices. Fee structures will have to be displayed in a manner that is easy to understand so there is no confusion about payments.

In a bid to scam users, there are web pages that give inadequate information about their subscription services.

According to Google, every month millions of Chrome users encounter pages that contain confusing or incomplete information about a paid service. The company will be punishing the websites that are repeat offenders as apart of Chrome browser version 71 that is due to arrive in December this year.

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Google is taking up a new approach by warning people beforehand about a website that tricks users and subscribes them to billing scams.

Google will soon start sending notifications via Search Console to let site owners know if they have unclear billing pages. "For websites that aren't verified on Search Console, we will do our best to get in touch with the webmasters affected and will be available to answer questions in our public support forum available in 15 languages".

Something else to be aware of: There's a growing ecosystem of Android and Windows browsers that are derived from Google Chrome, but there's typically a lag between a fresh version of Chrome and a fresh version of the derived app.

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