Franklin Township: Free Flu Shots for All this Saturday

The Cause Final 12 months’s Flu Season Was Lethal? Not Sufficient Vaccinations			 0					By		Marta Subat

The Cause Final 12 months’s Flu Season Was Lethal? Not Sufficient Vaccinations 0 By Marta Subat

Darrell Gale, East Sussex Director of Public Health, said: "Flu is a very unpleasant illness and vaccination is particularly important for people at increased risk of the effects of the disease".

Influenza or the flu is a respiratory infection with symptoms similar to a cold but much more severe including a high fever for several days, body aches, fatigue and weakness.

The public also has the option to not to get vaccinated against the virus, even though it goes against health physician recommendations. Some 70,000 people in the United States died from flu last season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Imagine getting one flu shot and having it last you the rest of your life, no boosters needed. Unfortunately, the benefit does not seem to extend to other groups who may have compromised immunity, such as those with inflammatory bowel disease, leukemia, H.I.V., or kidney failure.While men and women 65 and older are also at high-risk from complications of flu, boosting does not seem to provide benefits in this age group.

"Keep in mind the people that do have [allergies to the shot] should receive the flu vaccine in their doctor's office and not a drug store, that way they can be monitored for any reactions", said Kearah Cenotti, medical assistant at Kaiser Permanente Martinez Medical Center.

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One is that the flu vaccine can give you the flu.

It's not worth experiencing, if you can prevent it with the flu shot.

The researchers received an $8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to expand on research that creates a framework for the significance of biological sex in flu vaccine immune responses. Even healthy people can become sick enough to miss work or school for a significant amount of time, or even be hospitalized.

Many misconceptions about the flu vaccine linger. "The vaccination is given as a nasal spray which is a safe and effective way of protecting not only the children themselves, but the people they may come into contact with".

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