Flash floods kill seven in Jordan

The ancient city of Petra is popular with tourists

Image The ancient city of Petra is popular with tourists

But after being in contact with Jordanian authorities, a later update by a spokesman for the foreign ministry said that "all the Israelis in Jordan have contacted us".

In the Dabaa area, also south of Amman, two women and a girl were killed in the floods which also forced the closure of a desert highway.

The government spokeswoman said 3,762 tourists were evacuated.

Flash floods in Jordan have killed at least seven people and forced the evacuation of almost 4,000 tourists from the ancient city of Petra.

At least nine people, including a young girl, were killed as flash floods engulfed multiple cities in Jordan on Friday, a government official said.

He added that the Petra Commission is working to evacuate tourists from inside Petra and transfer them to hotels according to the emergency plan, stressing that the operating rooms and the concerned authorities are following up on the situation.

The civil defence source said another child died in the Madaba area, also south of Amman, when the vehicle the child was in was caught up in waters.

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Government spokeswoman Jumana Ghneimat said the highway was cut in both directions.

She said that searches for missing people are ongoing.

For his part, the Director of the Civil Defense of Ma'an Governorate, Salem Al Sarayrah, said that the weather conditions in Ma'an and Petra Governorates are very normal after the rains have stopped, pointing out that any emergency caused by rain storms is being dealt with.

The education ministry ordered schools closed nationwide on Saturday amid warnings of more heavy rains.

Hundreds of Petra visitors ran for higher ground Friday as water surged through a narrow canyon leading to the Treasury, Petra's main attraction. Footage showed people on the city's main road trying to stay clear of the water. The tourism and education ministers resigned over the Dead Sea flooding.

Ghneimat urged residents of the stricken areas and in low-lying regions to evacuate their homes, saying that heavy rains were expected to continue to lash Jordan Friday night and Saturday.

Friday's floods came two weeks after 21 people, including middle school students, were killed in flash floods near the Dead Sea.

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