BTS appearance on Japanese TV pulled over band member's Hiroshima T-shirt

South Korean pop group BTS performs during a Korean cultural event in Paris

South Korean pop group BTS performs during a Korean cultural event in Paris

BTS has said in a statement over the the row: "We apologise for disappointing fans who were looking forward to this".

The mega-selling K-pop band BTS isn't so popular with a Japanese television show.

The vague wording of Music Station's statement that "as a program, wanted to ask him his mentality in wearing it" leaves it unclear as to whether producers merely wanted a behind-closed-doors discussion before agreeing to have BTS on the show, or whether they were demanding to be allowed to ask Jimin, live on air, about his wardrobe choice.

"Music Station" on TV Asahi canceled a performance by the group scheduled for Friday because a member apparently wore a shirt that seemed to celebrate the atomic bombing of Japan in World War II, CNN reported.

It is believed that Jimin wore the shirt previous year.

The t-shirt appeared to reference the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea, which ended in 1945 after the USA dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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BTS star Jimin caused outrage after he was snapped wearing a T-shirt which celebrates Korean independence from Japan and includes a picture of a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb.

However, not all netizens are supporting the above claims, as some argued, "BTS's issue has nothing to do with IZ*ONE, don't try to make up these kinds of connections", "Keep BTS and IZ*ONE separate", "It's true that BTS getting cancelled sucks but it's not like it's IZ*ONE's fault", and such. Meanwhile, last month, South Korea's court ruled that Japan must compensate Korean victims of forced wartime labor from World War Two for the unfair labor. Dome, as part of its "Love Yourself" tour in Japan.

'After I found out, I was very flustered and apologetic.

However, there has been some criticism of the shirt by a number of Japanese ARMYs, with one person writing: 'Why am i just now hearing about Jimin wearing a shirt with the atomic bomb on it??? as a fellow ARMY, this is unforgivable.

Incidentally, the shirt has subsequently sold out.

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