Seth Moulton says new House lawmakers want Pelosi out

Trump Calls Out Mia Love, Other Embattled GOP Candidates For Not Supporting Him

Democrats take control of the Maine Legislature

Ted Cruz from an untimely political demise in his Texas re-election.

Observers say it's likely that House Republicans will now be ready to pass a compromise in the upcoming lame duck session rather than starting over in a Democratic-controlled House and risking a result they would like even less. But analysts have predicted an increase in investigations to be pursued by subpoena-powered Democratic committee leaders, for the new majority's greatest influence will be oversight.

The biggest change in this election was the sheer volume of money generated by left-wing billionaires and activist groups who hate President Trump. In fact, the only vote that was held throughout the country was for the House of Representatives and all its 435 seats. James, an African-American, was an attractive candidate in some ways, but also a political novice. All of the Democrats fared well in a popular vote hypothetical match-up against Trump. That was the closest thing to a national balloting we will have between 2016 and 2020.

There are now 33 Republican governors.

It's a big deal that they now have governorships in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania - as evidenced by Democrats' netting three House seats in Pennsylvania alone Tuesday night after a court-drawn remap. The rest of the 51 GOP members had years yet to run on their six-year terms, so in effect four of every five Republicans in the Senate already had their tickets to the 116th Congress.

One state, Nebraska, has a unicameral, nonpartisan legislature. Trump sees his influence on the Republicans' performance Tuesday as a sign that his brand is rock solid. On the Senate side, the Democratic incumbent, Tammy Baldwin, was reelected.

Trump also brushed off the threat last week when asked about certain efforts to pry loose his tax returns. And sure enough, at least three of those 10 fell to Trump's party on Tuesday. Further, Democrats had an underwhelming performance in OH, where gubernatorial nominee Richard Cordray lost and incumbent senator Sherrod Brown won by only six points against a weak Republican. Republican Ron DeSantis ousted Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum by less than one percentage point in a hotly contested race in Florida; Mike DeWine won the governorship in OH; and Republican Brian Kemp was ahead of Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams by 1.6 points with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Democrats will likely have another crack at an open seat in GOP-leaning but Democrat-trending Arizona, and Sens.

However, Democrats did eke out a narrow win to beat Scott Walker in Wisconsin and comfortably won the governor's office in MI. The Republicans captured the statehouse in Alaska, where it had been held by an Independent.

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And while they fell short in races for Florida and OH governor, new state laws aimed at curtailing gerrymandering could keep the GOP from drawing quite as egregious redistricting maps. In Georgia, their candidate, Stacey Abrams, pointed to missing votes and allegations of voter suppression in refusing to concede.

Democrats, the traditional party of trade unions, largely support such moves, especially for their hoped-for effect on helping American workers.

It is important to remember in all this that these contests were not conducted simply to fill a scorecard, but to fill some of the most important offices in our democratic system of government.

The House majority will be narrow, and some tension surrounds its choice of a speaker and other officers. After all, it is in Trump's interests to co-operate - because if Democrats' legislation is obstructed by the Senate they will turn their attention to the only other thing they can do, which is oversight of the president.

Cooper hopes he now can advance his ideas for education and teacher pay, clean water regulations and expansion of Medicaid health insurance to more lower-income North Carolinians, Jackson said.

That it was, and the results in the House of Representatives are a dramatic and deserved rebuke for the president. Expect protracted wrestling matches over documents and testimony beginning soon after the first of the year.

Female candidates fared particularly well in an election cycle that had been billed as the Year of the Woman.

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