Niantic reboots Ingress, out now on Android and iOS

'Pokemon Go' to Add New Shiny Pokemon to Commemorate Launch of 'Ingress Prime'

Ingress Re-Launches as Ingress Prime with Improved Features

In addition to the new Shiny Pokemon, Niantic is also offering players a couple of free customization items for their trainers to commemorate the launch of Ingress Prime. The new feature allows the game to track the distance you traveled even when it isn't opening, making it much easier to hatch Eggs.

Fans of Pokemon Go will also be able to switch over their Pokemon when the new Let's Go Pikachu game arrives on Nintendo Switch.

Put away any expectation of 3D objects superimposed on the real world. Ingress uses similar AR technology to Pokemon Go (the games often use similar real world locations for in-game hubs) but has a vastly different game concept.

In this particular case, that virtual information comes in the form of Exotic Matter or XM, the fictional material that stands at the heart of the game. You'll learn about the two warring factions whom each have their own motives and desires for controlling this substance.

The core gameplay hasn't changed, but with Ingress Prime, Niantic has introduced cleaner visuals, a new UI, and modern graphics.

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The team at Niantic is now hoping some of the features in the newer version of Ingress can be implemented into GO eventually. Ingress has always had the image of being a geeky game very few could comprehend, with a mobile app that speaks to that nature.

Agents can work alongside faction-specific AR programs, which shape the story of Ingress. Which is, of course, not written in stone beyond the basic premise. There's also an anime series coming to Netflix, The Ingress Anime, which is launching next year.

While it's a reset, veteran players have the option to retain their progress. They actually even get a new badge that tells everyone they're an old-timer.

No start date has been announced for the Pokemon Go tie-in to Ingress Prime, but Ingress Prime is now available for download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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