A 360 degree bowling action!

Shiva Singh rotated 360 degrees in his run-up just before the delivery during a domestic game

Shiva Singh rotated 360 degrees in his run-up just before the delivery during a domestic game

From ambidextrous bowling to pausing in the middle of the bowling action, bowlers do unique things to get the better of the batsmen.

Left-arm spinner Shiva Singh who was representing Uttar Pradesh in the under-23 CK Nayudu Trophy has opened a new debate after bowling a freaky "360-degree swirl" delivery during a match against Bengal. Shiva's style too is one of a kind.

"I use different variations in one-dayers and T20s so I thought of doing the same because the Bengal batsmen were developing a partnership".

Some cricket fans raised the comparison of batsmen's ability to switch-hit, changing their stance from right-handed to left-handed or vice-versa, without drawing the umpire's criticism.

'The umpires said dead ball, so I asked "why are you calling it a dead ball?"

Uttar Pradesh's young left arm spinner Shiva Singh's unconventional delivery stride with a 360-degree rotation during a CK Nayudu Trophy match against Bengal was called a dead ball by the umpires but his freakish move did generate a lot of discussion.

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Following on from that, Law 41.4.2 says that an umpire should call dead ball if he believes that a fielder has tried to do just that.

"Under Law 21.1, the bowler must state his/her mode of delivery, which seems to have been left arm round the wicket in this case, but does not state how conventional the bowler's approach should be", the MCC's Law department said in the Lord's Law blog. "But when bowlers do something like this it's deemed a dead ball", Shiva mentioned.

Surely left-arm spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi would have never attempted anything even remotely close to what Uttar Pradesh's Shiva Singh pulled off in the CK Nayudu Trophy match against Bengal a few days back.

But the laws of the game state that umpire Vinod Seshan was right to call the ball dead after the 360-turn, despite the fielders' protests.

"Weirdo.! Have a close look.!"

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