Passengers Aboard Indonesian Plane 'Revolt' Against Two Tons of Stinky Durian

Stinky fruit causes plane protest

Sumatra plane passengers refuse to fly with stinking durian cargo

A reporter with Indonesia's Antara news agency, Boyke Ledy Watra, who was also on the plane told the Jakarta Post that "several passengers argued, occasionally nearly coming to blows, with flight crew members before deciding to leave the aircraft".

An Indonesian airline was forced to delay a flight on Monday after the pungent smell of durian permeated the plane's cabin and nearly caused a brawl between passengers and crew. In April, 600 people were evacuated from the library of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - and crews were dispatched to check for gas leaks - after a rotting durian was left inside a cupboard.

The Sriwijaya Air flight departed for Jakarta at about 11.40 am, an hour later than scheduled.

The durian fruit has been banned from public transport and hotels in some countries because of its "stinky" smell, which has been described by food writer Richard Sterling as "turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock".

The passengers then disembarked the flight as they claimed that it would make flying unbearable.

The flight - which was bound for Jakarta, Java from Bengkulu, Sumatra - was eventually grounded after crew gave in to passengers' complaints.

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"The thorny durian is a delicacy in much of Asia but also controversial - you either love it or hate it", wrote the BBC.

"Durian is not classified as a hazardous material to be transported on a plane", Abdul said.

Staff finally unloaded the fruit and the plane took off an hour later, reaching Jakarta safely.

Amir Zidane uploaded the clip to Facebook after the incident which took place on Monday. Passengers on the ground later recorded crews unloading the shipment of durian from the cargo area.

The company went on to say that it was normal practice for Indonesian airlines to carry durian in the hold, "as long as [the durian] is packed well and enclosed in the cargo according to standard operating procedure".

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