Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt: Dec 4th!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie about to Go to Trial in Custody War

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to go head-to-head in custody trial in December

Sources close to the situation told The Blast this week that Pitt feels Jolie, who is fighting for sole custody, is "purely trying to drag him through the mud in the upcoming custody trial" and that Pitt is "worried about the longterm effects it will have on their six children". The way it stands now, fans can only hope that neither Angelina Jolie nor Brad Pitt turns their current legal proceedings into a traumatic event for them and their family.

Angelina and Brad, 54, will head to court on December 4 where they are expected to enter a further two to three weeks of custody negotiations, and insiders claim the former couple are doing their best to settle things outside of court before the trial begins. Brad's legal team isn't too anxious about that, though, seeing that the actor was never criminally charged with anything. The two are set to appear in court to discuss the custody of their six children right before the holiday season.

In addition to custody, the private judge needs to handle the property settlement. Jolie and Pitt did not sign a prenup when they got married, which makes everything more complicated.

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His lawyer Lance Spiegel added that Brad "adamantly disputes the contention that he has not paid child support".

Angelina and Brad have filed legal docs asking an L.A. Superior Court Judge to give them until next June to hash out their bitter divorce ... with the help of a private judge.

Earlier this year, Angelina was ordered by a judge to allow her children to spend more time with their father, or risk losing custody. Follow Yahoo Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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