Michigan, Missouri, Utah voters opt to loosen marijuana laws

Midterms and marijuana: These 4 states will vote on legal pot

Marijuana legalization on the ballot in four states

Adults would be able to sell tax-free marijuana is the bill passes, potentially creating a legal but unregulated marketplace unlike any of the existing systems in place among existing recreational weed states.

If Measure 3 passed, it would have fallen on the state legislature to pull together a regulatory structure.

Voters in four states are casting ballots on measures to legalize marijuana Tuesday, further testing the Trump administration's stance on the subject following the federal government's reversal of Obama-era law enforcement policies.

MI just joined nine other states, the District of Columbia, and Canada in legalizing recreational marijuana. And while a majority of legal states only allow the cultivation of six cannabis plants per individual, MI will allow 12.

One example of a possible timeline for MI comes from Colorado: Voters approved recreational marijuana in November 2012, but it didn't officially become legal to sell until 2014. Missouri also voted to legalize medical marijuana Tuesday.

Blackburn projected to win US Senate race, ABC News reports
It's not all bad for the newly political Taylor. she's backing another Dem, Rep. Jim Cooper , who is projected to win re-election. Marsha Blackburn defeated Democratic former Gov.

People 21 and older will be allowed to carry 2.5 ounces of marijuana on their person, store 10 ounces at home and grow up to 12 plants per residence.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol says public consumption and driving under the influence are not legalized, and no commercial sales will happen until businesses are licensed and approved. Violations of the law would result in civil infractions or criminal charges, depending on the severity of the offense.

North Dakotans passed an initiative allowing the use of medical marijuana in 2016 but the state has been slow to approve dispensaries. MI will also levy a tax on the sale of recreation cannabis.

Medical marijuana has been legal in MI since voters approved its use in a 2008 ballot initiative.

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