Getting Sauced with Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay (Spoilers)

Red Dead Redemption II- old Mexico way

Red Dead Redemption II – old Mexico way

The bug causes Sadie Adler and John Marston's Family to disappear in the camp. Rockstar has identified the problem, and is working on a fix. Of course, it is not a game-breaking glitch for those who don't want to load an older save.

"If you completed the mission 'Polite Society, Valentine Style" at the start of Chapter 2, but needed to use the Retry Checkpoint feature, then Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail will only appear in camp when they have missions for you to complete, ' said the developer. This means that these gamers will miss out on several side conversations with these characters.

In order to check it out, ZarCoxTV admits that players will need to have completed campaigns bordering on Mexico, and will require a lot of patience, as well as being positively loaded up with stamina tonics, health tonics and food.

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Rockstar's workaround is for players to simply abandon and restart the mission if they fail it. All Companions will return to the Camp at the beginning of Chapter 4.

Fans of the popular console game Red Dead Redemption 2 can explore a hidden Mexico map by exploiting a glitch in the game.

Mild spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2 follow. We are aware of the issue and are now working on a fix to be included in an upcoming Title Update. Most of the area is empty, but the few placeholder buildings seem to suggest that the area may be completed down the line. Let us know your favorite missions, characters, and anything you love about the game on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

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