Voting issues mark final stretch of Georgia governor’s race

Oprah Stumps For Stacey Abrams In Georgia, Ignores Mike Pence’s “This Ain’t Hollywood” Nattering Nearby

Oprah door-knocks for Democratic candidate in Georgia

Oprah Winfrey is literally going door-to-door in Georgia to help canvas for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

The entertainer and mogul went down South to campaign for Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who, if elected to Georgia's highest office on Tuesday, would become the first black woman ever to serve as governor in American history.

Winfrey did not mention Trump by name in her campaign appearances, but she did decry all the "noise", "vitriol" and "crazy talk" that is now part of political discourse.

As chronicled in the podcast Making Oprah, The Oprah Winfrey Show's rise to powerhouse status coincided with these women's coming of age, a period that saw her ascent from host to something more like deity.

"Georgia has always been on a path of change and evolution", Abrams said.

"I am an independent woman", Winfrey said.

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Both Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp are speaking out against "vile" robocalls from an Idaho white nationalist targeting the Democratic nominee for Georgia governor.

"I was sitting at home in California, minding my own business, but I could not stop hearing about what's going on down here", Winfrey said, charming the crowd that had gathered to see her.

Pence said Abrams' campaign is being "bankrolled by Hollywood liberals", but that despite the major support from the entertainment industry, voters will choose a governor who genuinely wants to put the needs of the state and the values of its citizens first.

She added a note to the throng of media gathered for the event, urging against any reboot of recent speculation that she might run for president in 2020. "[She] has been down to Mar-A-Lago.until I ran for office we did very well". In a Thursday speech delivered before a town hall, Winfrey praised gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and advised people to honor their ancestors by exercising their right to vote. "I came for myself and I approve this message". "I'm not trying to test any waters", she said.

As you might imagine, controversy hasn't found its way out of Georgia's 2018 race for the seat of governor.

Friday was the last day for early voting in the peach state and by all accounts, 2.1 million residents have cast a ballot. Kemp has also swung back at Abrams by saying that she is advocating for "illegals to vote" for her, which Abrams denies. However, this divide is certainly fostering behavior like people creating and carrying out so-called robocalls, or calls made without the hands-on involvement of a real, live human, sharing racist messages among potential voters across the state of Georgia.

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