Rebel Wilson Apologizes For Blocking Critics Of Her Rom-Com Statement

Rebel Wilson

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A number of Twitter users have also come up with other romantic comedies that fit the bill of having plus-sized female leads, including 1994 Australian hit Muriel's Wedding starring Toni Collette.

Rebel initially replied saying "there's a slight grey area" and questioned whether they were plus-sized when they filmed the movies.

The storm began last week when Wilson was on Ellen, shilling for her film, due on Valentine's Day and in which she plays a woman whose bopped on the head and awakens inside a romantic-comedy motion picture - Wilson said, "I'm kinda proud to be the first plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy".

"I'd like to make it known that every Black woman (and others) who was blocked, including myself, was very gracious and took the time to educate her on why she was incorrect and wrong in her erasure of plus-sized icons Queen Latifah and Mo'Nique-though we didn't need to", Kent explains.

MoNique then responded to Wilson writing, "Hey my sweet sister".

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Instead of apologizing via Notes app, as so many who mess up on Twitter do, Wilson's response was to block her critics. "Technically those films are [categorized]/billed as a studio rom-com with a sole lead", she wrote.

Another Twitter user who begs to differ is Mo'Nique, star of the 2006 rom-com "Phat Girlz" and she issued a gentle reminder that one should "know the history" before making claims. "I wish you the best", Mo'Nique tweeted. There were even people creating hashtags like #RebelWilsonBlockedMe and #RebelBlockMeParty to commemorate being blocked by the actress. She also said she will address the criticism while promoting the film "in proper forums".

Many on Twitter accused Wilson of ignoring the achievements of black women and blocking them when they pointed it out.

Priyanka Chopra, Liam Hemsworth and Betty Gilpin also star.

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