OnePlus 6T Will Come In A New Thunder Purple Colour Scheme

OnePlus 6T AMA Session Answers Lack of IP Rating, Notification LED Light; Reveals New Features in Work for Previous Models

OnePlus 6T may soon come in a color that isn't black

The OnePlus flagship had been globally launched late last month, and have been on sale in India in two colour variants: Midnight Black and Twilight Black. If you come to think of it, for $549 or $579, you're getting a phone that equals, and, in some cases, outperforms other smartphones that cost much more.

If you were hoping to root or ROM your T-Mobile-bought OnePlus 6T, you can, in fact, unlock the bootloader, you'll just need to pay the phone off early. Your first options, is, of course, buying straight from OnePlus.

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The other two memory options are also available in China - 6/128 GB is CNY3,399, while the 8/256 GB OnePlus 6T is CNY3,999, which is respectively $490/€430 and $580/€510. The back of this smartphone is mostly purple-colored, though not the whole back is, the upper portion of its back is black-colored, like 25-30-percent off it, it's like the purple color is slowly transitioning into the black, at least that's what it looks like in the provided renders. "We think not", the executive said. It's pretty hot, but according to OnePlus, the color will stay a China exclusive for the time being.

If you are an global possible OnePlus 6T buyer, you can always go to their website. The OnePlus 6T is also available on Amazon, so you have plenty of options. In exchange, you get one of the cleanest forms of Android - arguably better than even Google's own software experience - along with a sleek, futuristic design and blazing fast performance.

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