Iranians mark embassy takeover on eve of United States sanctions

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Iran’s Khamenei ‘World Opposes Every Decision Made By Trump’ Getty 4 Nov 2018

"The effect of the initial sanctions is already being felt - the rial is at a low, Iran's economy is depressed and we're already seeing results on the ground", he added.

But oil imports from Iran had started declining in FY18 to 22.6 million tonnes from 27.2 million tonnes in FY17.

Mr Rouhani said four countries had approached him during his visit to NY for the UN General Assembly in September, offering to mediate with the U.S., but he turned them down.

Speaking about whether the European Union can help Iran in solving its problems, the expert stressed that the sanctions increase the risks associated with investing in Iran, which leads to a decrease in the credibility of this country at the global level, and the demand for Iran's goods and services decreases.

"America wanted to cut to zero Iran's oil sales. but we will continue to sell our break sanctions", Rouhani said.

Rohani also vowed that Iran will "proudly bypass" USA sanctions to sell oil.

Turkey indicated that it was one of them and analysts believe that India, one of the world's largest importers, is also on the list, which will be published on Monday.

The crowd chanted "Down with U.S." and "Death to Israel" during the rally in the capital, and state TV said similar demonstrations were held in other cities and towns. "They are waiting to see where the sanctions will lead the country", the economist explained.

They were protesting the Trump administration bringing back all sanctions the were previously removed under the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iranians rally to mark anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover
To continue exporting crude oil, Iranian tankers in recent weeks have been turning off their transponders to avoid detection. Embassy in Tehran, Iran on Sunday to mark the 39th anniversary of the seizure of the embassy by militant students.

Secretary Pompeo noted in his statement today that the SREs were being granted to the eight jurisdictions (to be named November 5) "only because they have demonstrated significant reductions in their crude oil and cooperation on many other fronts and have made important moves towards getting to zero crude oil importation".

SECO said it was in touch with United States authorities, Iran and unnamed Swiss companies on developing a humanitarian payment channel.

"The United States remains open to reaching a new, more comprehensive deal with Iran that forever blocks its path to a nuclear weapon, addresses the entire range of its malign actions, and is worthy of the Iranian people", Trump said in the presidential statement.

Some 52 Americans were held hostage in the embassy for 444 days and the two countries have been enemies ever since.

The Trump administration's decision to restore sanctions "is the sea change the Middle East has been waiting for", he said.

Senior Iranian officials have dismissed concerns about the impact to its economy.

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denounced the measures on Saturday, saying Trump had "disgraced" U.S. prestige and would be the ultimate loser in the long-running quarrel between the countries.

The other parties to the nuclear deal - Britain, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation - have all vehemently opposed the United States move and vowed to keep trade going, though they are struggling to convince private companies to stand up to USA pressure.

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