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Blizzard announces Diablo Immortal for mobile devices, opens pre-registration

WATCH: Fan Asks If Diablo: Immortal Is April Fool's Joke

Blizzard Entertainment has announced its second mobile game, Diablo: Immortal, for Android and iOS.

A couple of days ago, a data miner on Reddit found several references inside the code of Diablo 3 on Switch that seemed to suggest new custom amiibo would be released for the game. Created to be a living, breathing, and constantly evolving experience, Diablo Immortal will regularly introduce new storylines, new playable character classes, new loot, and all-new challenges-which you can face side-by-side with your friends. or foolishly choose to confront on your own.

For lore nerds, the storyline in Diablo: Immortal takes place between the events of Diablo II and III.

Don't worry: Diablo 4 is still coming. More classes post-launch are planned, with developers hinting at Diablo 2's Assassin and Diablo 3's Witch Doctor. Players will work out of Westmarch, a social hub where players can meet and show off their armor.

The transition from mouse-and-keyboard or controller to mobile touchscreen device was created to feel completely natural, intuitive, and fun in Diablo Immortal.

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The game will launch with nine outdoor zones.

So Blizzcon 2018 is underway, and during the event's opening ceremony, Blizzard revealed what's next for the Diablo franchise.

Despite the early warning for Blizzard making clear that Diablo 4 would not be at BlizzCon, though all-but-confirming it was in development, fans were still surprised.

Diablo on mobile is going to be a unsafe prospect for some of us. It looks exactly like Diablo III, except it has touch controls.

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