Twitter is saying goodbye to the "Like" button

Twitter is reportedly removing the 'like' button and people do not like it

Twitter is saying goodbye to the "Like" button

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly said he was looking to remove the ability to "like" tweets, the Telegraph reports.

Twitter's like button used to be intended as more of a tweet bookmarking feature, with the word "favorite" used instead of "like".

According to media reports, Micro-blogging website; Twitter is considering to do a way with it's heart-shaped "Like" option after its Chief Executive admitted to not being a fan of it.

The like button was added to Twitter in 2015 as replacement for the previous favourite button, which was star-shaped.

Some have noted that Twitter may get rid of the like button and, in its place, emphasize the "Bookmark" feature rolled out earlier this year.

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Aside from that, the Vice President of Twitter communications, Brandon Borrman, has also stated that this decision will not happen so soon.

Just this past July, Twitter announced it would be removing millions of fake followers on the platform, a total roughly 6% of its overall users. Saying the "Like" button allowed them to support others and offer solidarity.

"We're experimenting and considering numerous possible changes, all with an eye toward ensuring we're incentivising the right behaviours to drive healthy conversation".

Reaction to the news was mixed. "How do we incentivise healthy conversation?" Many users noted that the service has a much more serious problem, and that changing the basic functionality would be a wrong start for the improvement of the platform. Versus contributing the the public conversation or a healthy conversation?

On the platform in question, people were pretty surprised by Dorsey's attitude to the "like" button.

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