Google's Halloween game is basically and it's spooky multiplayer fun

Today’s Google Doodle is a Halloween-themed multiplayer game

Google’s Doodle for Halloween is a surprisingly fun multiplayer game

It debuted its first Halloween-themed game in 2016 with Magic Cat Academy where players traced shapes to cast spells and defeat enemies, but The Great Ghoul Duel is a lot more complex by comparison.

Let me tell you, if you ever want to feel good about your ability to play video games, just compete against a bunch of people who probably don't play many video games.

You can even receive power-ups like speed boosts and night vision by picking up turning in enough spirit flames, and you'll see just how well you did relative to the other players when the match comes to an end.

Playing the Great Ghoul Duel feels like a cross between and Capture the Flag: your ghostly duty is to roam around the map and collect little glowing Spirit Flames.

The game is started by clicking on the doodle on Google's home page.

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To enable multiplayer gaming, the Google Doodle team used systems running on the Google Platform, including Open Match - an open source framework for matching up sets of players around the world.

To move around the map, use the arrow keys.

The more spirits you collect, the faster you go, which certainly helps, but having a longer tail makes you more vulnerable to opponents.

Additionally, you can play with random people or host a game. The game is a simple but playable arcade in which you, a ghost, team up with other ghosts to collect "Spirit Flames".

Google Doodles are traditionally small illustrations or animations that appear in the Google logo on the search engine's homepage.

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