Google's new Discover feed starts rolling out to mobile web

Google's interest-focused Discover feed launches on mobile web

Google Discover starts rolling out in the US

Google Discover will provide you information about your interests, like your favorite news site or sports team, without having to search for them.

The newly introduced Discover feed can be accessed on any device that runs iOS or Android, and through any mobile browser, including the most popular Chrome and Safari. Those days are long gone with the introduction of the Google Discover feed now showing up below the Google search box on mobile.

The change suggests Google is trying to change how users find information through its platform. One of the features, an improved version of the Google Feed, which from now on will be called Discover, has just started rolling out in the US on mobile devices that run either iOS or Android. As in, you'll still see recent searches and activity in card form, but the cards themselves have been given a fresh coat of paint with headers above each topic so you can easily keep track of what you're reading.

Well for this, I have a better solution for you, as you can turn it off or on your mobile browser by going to the right top corner there is menu bar situated there, go to the menu bar then open settings and then Discover and then Don't show on homepage.

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Cards feature a cover image, title, and brief summary, as well as the site name and published date.

Google is also expanding its Google Lens program coupled with Google Search to bring more visual content to searches. Discover also lets you see more articles around a topic. Here, you can follow any topics that interest you and hide any that don't strike your fancy. In fact, you can also block a website you don't like so that you won't be shown content from it. Google's software will also estimate your level of expertise in a particular topic and show you appropriate content based on that.

As Google marks our 20th anniversary, I wanted to share a first look at the next chapter of Search, and how we're working to make information more accessible and useful for people everywhere.

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