Despite evidence, people still wary of flu shots

2 hospitalizations reported in El Paso County in this young flu season

This year's flu strain could strike more vulnerable Canadians 24 October 2018 Early flu watch indicators

Flu season has arrived in Jefferson County, and public health officials recommend residents get a flu shot sooner rather than later.

“Flu vaccination has been shown to reduce the risk of flu illness, and a growing body of evidence supports the fact that vaccination also reduces the risk of serious flu outcomes that can result in hospitalization and even death, ” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Though the effectiveness of the vaccine can vary - and last year's rate was low, at about 40 percent - this still meant that the flu vaccine reduced a person's overall risk of having to seek medical care at a doctor's office for flu illness by 40 percent.

Koenig said that previous year 296 people in Washington died from the flu.

Danielle Koenig, with the Washington State Department of Health, said there's no excuse not to get your flu shot. Though Ralph's carries the flu vaccine with four strains included, they have not had any issues keeping enough doses in stock.

Free flu shots are available across Canada now.

Usually, La Crosse County logs about 20 flu-related hospitalizations a season, according to the La Crosse Tribune.

Lo said anyone who gets the flu vaccination is helping their community. "But if you have an infected person sleeping in the same bed with you, sharing meals with you, sitting in the same vehicle as you, watching TV on the same couch, your likelihood of getting the flu is much higher". "Furthermore, by getting the shot you are building protection around your loved ones and reducing their chances of getting sick". Adult flu deaths are estimated but the CDC counts every child who dies of flu.

Henry said vaccines are important not only to protect the recipient from the flu and even lessen the severity of flu, but to protect the very young, very old and immunocompromised individuals that surround us.

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Oklahoma City was ranked sixth in the nation for the 2017-2018 season, according to a proprietary flu index the national chain developed.

Henry explained that the outlook on the vaccine match and influenza severity comes from comparing data between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Its completely possible to pick up something either right before or right after you got your shot. The clinic is an all-inclusive experience, so patients can receive a variety of services, including other vaccinations and testing for sexually-transmitted diseases, while there for a flu vaccination.

Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

Many of us believe that the flu is not much more than fever, chills, and a few days home in bed sipping chicken soup. Pharmacists at her store have already administered 1,000 influenza vaccines since they became available on October 1.

Antiviral medication can help you feel better if you contract the flu, but it must be started early in your illness, so call your health provider when symptoms begin.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department reports a man in his forties tested positive for influenza when he was admitted to the hospital.

It's convenient and cheaper for customers than making a doctor's appointment, Mangham said, since most insurance policies cover flu vaccine costs.

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