Selection of Stephen Hawking's personal items to be sold at auction

Documents and files by Stephen Hawking the personal and academic possessions of Stephen Hawking at the auction house Christies in London Friday Oct. 19 2018. The online auction announced Monday Oct. 22 2018 by auctioneer Christie’s features 22 item

Hawking's wheelchair, thesis up for sale

Almost two dozen personal items belonging to the late legendary physicist Stephen Hawking will be for sale at auction beginning on Halloween day. More of Hawking's papers - including "Fundamental Breakdown of Physics in Gravitational Collapse" and "Spectrum of Wormholes" - will be sold as well.

Only five copies of the Ph.D. thesis exist - although a digital copy was made available online for free by Cambridge University Library's Open Access Week previous year.

The auction will conclude with Professor Hawking's wheelchair, which Venning said allowed him to tour "the world as a successful scientific communicator, and from which his mind voyaged to the outer reaches of space-time, making it literally and figuratively one of the most-traveled wheelchairs in history".

Auctioneer Christie's announced the online sale on Monday as part of a larger auction featuring scientific papers by Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton, the Associated Press reported. At the time, Hawking had already been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or colloquially known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Upon his passing in March, Stephen Hawking bequeathed a scientific legacy that will descend to new researchers and theoreticians for generations to come. The auction is open for bids between October 31 and November 8.

A signed copy of Prof Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis is expected to raise more than £100,000 at an auction this month.

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Personal belongings of Stephen Hawking, including his wheelchair, put up for auction. The doctors were off by several decades; the scientist lived to age 76. The disease is not treatable and only progresses.

Venning said the wheelchair became a symbol not just of disability but of Hawking's "puckish sense of humour".

Christie's hopes to fetch between £10,000 and £15,000 for it during the sale which opens on October 31. Money raised from the sale of the wheelchair will be offered to benefit the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neurone Disease Association, according to Christie's.

Frank Augstein/APA bomber jacket given to Stephen Hawking. She said the auction would give "admirers of his work the chance to acquire a memento of our father's extraordinary life in the shape of a small selection of evocative and fascinating items".

"Christie's makes no promise that the property is of satisfactory quality or fit for any goal and sells the property with no warranty except for title", the auction house says.

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