Sedentary Lifestyle Worse Than Many Diseases for Long-Term Health

Lack of exercise worse for your health than smoking bad diet study finds

Researchers found that there’s no limit to the benefits of exercise

Researchers have always been concerned that "ultra" exercisers might be at a higher risk of death, but the study found that not to be the case.

It's common knowledge that there are many benefits to being fit, but one large new study found that skipping out on the gym is practically the worse thing you can do for your health.

He said that people should take not exercising or being unfit to be as strong a risk factor for ill health as hypertension, diabetes and smoking - if not stronger than all of them.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. have found that better cardiorespiratory fitness leads to better longevity, regardless of age, with no limit on the positive effects of aerobic fitness.

"Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are the most expensive diseases in the United States".

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More importantly, Jaber advises that the research seems to intimate that fitness, in general, leads to a longer life and that there is no limit to the benefits [of aerobic exercise].

'Rather than pay huge sums for disease treatment, we should be encouraging our patients and communities to be active and exercise daily, ' Metzl told CNN, advising that 'Once cleared by their physicians, patients shouldn't be afraid of exercise intensity'. However, the newly published study from Cleveland Clinic found that extreme fitness provided additional survival benefit over more modest levels of fitness, and that extremely fit patients lived the longest.

When the subgroups were analyzed by comorbidities, all-cause mortality inversely related to cardiorespiratory fitness and was lowest in the elite performers. Diabetes and heart disease, obviously not great, either. Jaber noted that the participants that did not perform well on the treadmill test have double the risk of mortality than patients on dialysis because of kidney failure. Compared to those in the top percentile those with sedentary lifestyles were associated with 500% increased risk for death. In fact, a past study has even shown that simply replacing 30 minutes of sedentary time with 30 minutes of housework can benefit health, while another revealed that replacing 6 hours of sitting with 6 hours of standing can even help with weight loss.

Those that exercised minimally still had a 390 per cent higher risk associated with death compared to those that regularly exercised. "It's reversible", he explained, adding that doctors are really good at treating patients who have had cardiovascular events but they can be prevented.

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