Women urged to get tested for breast cancer

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Certain lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of breast cancer

Thanks to the popularity of at-home DNA testing kits, it's now pretty widely known that some people's risk of breast cancer can be hereditary, and science is better than ever at detecting those genes that can raise your risk of breast cancer.

According to the African Cancer Organization, breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, with more than two million, being diagnosed of the disease annually.

Breast cancer screening, which makes early detection and thus recovery more likely, is offered every three years to all women in England who are between the ages of 50 and 70.

Did you know that Mammography has helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the U.S.by almost 40% since the 1990s? The Women's Only race isn't the only way to support the women of our community, your donations can directly affect the lives of many all year long. Early·onset breast cancer also tends to be more aggressive than late·onset.

If you've had a genetic test and found that you don't have a predisposition to breast cancer, don't stop being vigilant.

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"It's so encouraging that, thanks to decades of research progress and NHS investment, more women are surviving breast cancer than ever before". Despite this, in 2016/17, screening uptake fell to its lowest level in a decade at just 71.1%.

In some areas, nearly all (99%) women will see a specialist within two weeks of being referred by their GP, while in others, close to one-third (29%) will have to wait longer than a fortnight. All funds raised will be donated to the charity METAvivor, which uses 100 percent of donations towards research to battle metastatic breast cancer.

She launched her campaign to mobilise financial resources to fight cervical cancer in February this year through her Angel of Hope Organisation and the programme has so far benefited thousands of women countrywide.

Women still need a mammogram even if they have breast implants.

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