Orionid meteor shower this weekend, will we see the show?

Tough to beat conditions like this for some autumn stargazing with the Big Dipper over Lake Washington and Orion rising over the Cascades

Look up: Meteor shower to light up Seattle's unusually cloudless night skies

However, you can go out on any clear night between now and November 7 to catch a few meteors.

If you miss the peak, you can also be on the lookout for the shower between October 15 and 29, but the meteors may not be as frequent. In fact, its shooting stars move at speeds close to 148,000 miles per hour!

Meteors come from leftover comet particles and bits from broken asteroids.

The Orionids meteor shower occurs in the autumn months every year. "At certain times of the year, Earth's orbit around the sun crosses paths with the debris", explains Space. This is on Sunday, and the shower will also take place Saturday and Monday as well.

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The sky will light up this weekend as the Orionid meteor shower peaks.

This year the moon will be almost full, which will diminish some of the meteors.

This meteor shower will be visible from everywhere on planet Earth, and you can best spot meteors between midnight and dawn if you find Orion the Hunter in the sky and look slightly to the north of Orion's sword.

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