Nottinghamshire health officials urge: ‘Flu can kill so get vaccinated’

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Taiwan CDC urges the public to get a flu shot...

Every year, influenza sickens hundreds of thousands of people, sending them to the hospital. Scientists found no loss in the amount of infectious virus at any humidity, which means that expelled aerosols containing flu viruses are stable in the air for at least one hour. "We will have complete supplies by the end of November and the main epidemic of flu every year tends to come after this".

Mrs O'Neill said "transgenerational" trauma is not widely understood, but it is "where the negative mental health impacts of a traumatic event, such as PTSD, can be passed from a parent to their child, even if the child has never experienced a traumatic event".

Primary school children will be vaccinated at school.

"If you are entitled to a free vaccine, that is because you need it".

People who use Lloyds pharmacies will have to pay £11.50 and Boots is charging £12.99 for the vaccine.

If for any reason a form has been lost, a replacement can be obtained by contacting Fife's Immunisation Team by email at Last year, the vaccine was indeed a bit of a disappointment.

The vaccine's effectiveness depends on multiple factors - including the amount of time between vaccination and exposure to the disease, your age and health status - yet studies show that the flu vaccination benefits public health, especially when the vaccine is well matched to that year's circulating viruses. "I would urge people to have the vaccine, not only for themselves, but also for people around them, some of whom could be put at serious risk if they catch flu".

Flu virus is mainly spread through droplets from coughs and sneezes.

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The elderly, young children and people with chronic illness are at greater risk of more severe complications.

Flu season is upon us and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that everyone get a flu shot this year, from ages six months old and up.

As for the vaccine, some people worry the vaccine actually gives people the flu.

Even in a normal season, Health Canada says influenza-related complications can land about 12,000 Canadians in hospital and kill 3,500.

Last year, 80,000 people died from the flu, which is the highest total ever recorded since seasonal flu-related deaths have been tracked.

In 2017, almost 330,000 of the nearly 890,000 people eligible for the flu vaccine did not go and get their flu vaccine.

Cherry stressed that vaccination naysayers miss the point when critiquing the flu vaccine.

The vaccine is not fail-proof, but it does decrease the chances of getting the flu and increase recovery times for those who do get the flu.

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