Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza: Israeli army

Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza: Israeli army

Israeli officials ramp up calls for a 'strong blow' against Gaza

Israel's defence minister said on Tuesday that months of violent Palestinian protests on the Gaza border can not be allowed to go on, urging cabinet colleagues to back tougher measures.

"We must deliver a serious blow to Hamas, and this is the only option to return the situation to its previous level and to reduce the level of violence to zero or almost to zero".

The Israeli police said that "a rocket struck the city of Be'er Sheva a few moments ago causing damage", although it did not specify the extent of the destruction.

Another rocket launched from Gaza and aimed at central Israel fell into the Mediterranean Sea, the military said.

To this end, "Hamas has turned the violent demonstrations at the Gaza border into 24/7 events to get the IDF soldiers accustomed to the ongoing presence of Palestinian activists at the fence, including at night", the JCPA found.

He added that he hoped the Israeli security cabinet, meeting on Wednesday to discuss the situation in Gaza, would take a hard line "even at a price of moving to a wide-scale confrontation". "My impression is that they all have reached the understanding that the situation as it is today can not continue", Liberman added.

Israeli minister Tzachi Hanegbi told Israel Radio there was evidence to back up the Hamas statement.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility from any of the other smaller groups that operate in Gaza, and by mid-afternoon the area was quiet.

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Seven were killed and hundreds injured during the most recent protests on Friday, with Lieberman later suspending fuel supplies to the already energy-starved Gaza Strip.

It also reduced the permitted fishing zone along the Gaza coast to three nautical miles.

After a Hamas' cell detonated a large explosive device that blew a hole in the security fence, some 20 terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel under cover of a dense black cloud created by burning tires. Israeli forces responded with tear gas and live fire.

Hamas clearly misinterpreted Israel's willingness to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza and apparently thought it was the beginning of Israel's capitulation.

At the same time, the terror group stepped up its efforts to infiltrate Israel and to abduct Israeli soldiers or citizens, while continuing the digging of terror tunnels under the border with Israel.

A photograph of a Palestinian protester taking part in the Great March of Return in the occupied Gaza Strip won a top prize Saturday in France's prestigious Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents.

For this reason Hamas recently made a decision to up the pressure on Israel by launching nightly attacks on IDF positions with grenades, improvised explosive devices and lasers to blind IDF soldiers. Hamas is trying to achieve political aims by using violence.

"We are very close to a different kind of activity, an activity that will include very powerful blows".

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