Kanye West stages surreal White House meeting with Donald Trump

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The meeting comes just days after Taylor Swift, who Kanye has clashed with in the past, broke her long-held silence on politics and announced she would be voting for the Democrats in next month's mid-term elections.

Kanye West continues to cook up a storm in the media, mostly due to his support and affiliation with the president, Donald Trump, who most in the entertainment industry despise and frequently criticize.

Wearing a Make America Great Again cap, despite receiving heavy criticism from his fellow celebrities for doing so, West swore, unlocked his phone apparently using the password 0000 and insisted he had been misdiagnosed as bipolar and was instead sleep deprived.

West was at the White House to talk to Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, about prison reform, gang violence and manufacturing.

And he dropped an f-bomb in the process, saying that Trump may not have expected "a insane -- like Kanye West" to support him, according to AP reporter Jonathan Lemire.

Following the lengthy monologue, the president said: "That was quite something".

Fox News warned its viewers Thursday that the network could not play the entire audio of Kanye West's visit to the White House, because he let a few expletives fly.

Rapper Kanye West met Thursday with Donald Trump, telling the President in an Oval Office meeting before reporters why he supports the Republican.

Some charges in Weinstein sex assault case dropped
They initially declined, but Evans later told her she had gone ahead and exposed herself to the film producer in a hallway. A judge agreed to dismiss allegations by one of three accusers in the case, Lucia Evans .

Mr Trump said he'd been willing to "look at it", adding, "they have to do something".

He broke into a nervous laugh and we just hope he's not referencing his freakish new song again, you know the one where he says he'd "smash" his four sister-in-laws.

On Oct. 1, West - who prefers to be called "Ye" although no one calls him that that - also told TMZ he was going to Africa.

"Illegal guns is the problem, not legal guns", West said.

Bush said in 2010 that he felt West's accusation was the "all-time low" point of his two-term presidency. "I just channeled it", West said. From a misdiagnosis. So we can empower the pharmaceuticals and make more money.

The rapper said the president's critics fail to recognize Mr. Trump's "bravery." Mr. "He might not have thought he'd have a insane motherf-er like (me)".

As recently as August, Trump seemed to be digging himself a large hole among African Americans when he got into a Twitter war with basketball great and black icon LeBron James.

Trump said they'd discuss the matter and he'd keep an open mind. After the spectacle, they had a lunch of roasted chicken, fingerling potatoes, and sautéed asparagus. "But I'm having dinner with him Wednesday night and I've been very happy with our relationship", Rorsted said.

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