UCF student's mom turns son into unwilling #HimToo meme

Petty Officer 3rd Class Pieter Hanson poses in

Petty Officer 3rd Class Pieter Hanson poses in

"He graduated #1 in boot camp".

Everyone gets embarrassed by their parents at some point in their life, but for Navy Vet Pieter Hanson, his mom's tweet unwittingly put him in the middle of a social and political firestorm. "I love my mom to death, but boy". Her tweet featured a photo of her son, along with a message that seemed to criticize recent national conversations about sexual assault and accountability.

Hanson says he's a proud Navy veteran, a dad to two cats and an ally of the #MeToo movement.

Most who chimed in on the ridiculousness of Marla's post had great fun assuming that in reality her son was a big ol' flaming homo (the real reason he wasn't going on "solo dates" with women).

The hashtag #HimToo was spawned by supporters of Brett Kavanaugh amid the United States politician's Supreme Court hearing regarding allegations of sexual assault - a reaction to the #MeToo movement. He said he could only speculate why his mom would write the post.

The tweet, however, had already unleashed an avalanche response from opponents of #HimToo, many who hilariously recreated the post to feature a range of alternate "sons".

"This is MY son", the woman wrote, using a picture of Hanson in military uniform.

The group his mother espoused is created to publicize the belief that men are sometimes falsely accused of sexual misconduct and that accusers sometimes lie.

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An American mother's attempt to use her son in support of the #HimToo counter-campaign has not quite gone to plan, with it firstly shot down by her own sons and then lampooned by the rest of the world. He was awarded the USO Award. He was #1 in A school.

US President Donald Trump has since labelled sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh a "hoax", with conservative commentator Candace Owens popularising the hashtag #HimToo to defend the judge.

Jon Hanson tweeted: "My brother is trending on twitter because of my moms ridiculous tweet".

"I feel awful for what Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family have gone through, but I am glad the left has been exposed for their dirty tactics".

Hanson asked his grandmother and younger brother Jon to communicate his wishes with his mother that she remove the tweet.

Cue the Internet. Her post immediately became a meme with people posting their own parodies.

"He goes on dates", Hanson continued.

"My mom is attractive, I May be upset but I love her", he added. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this".

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