Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Spock Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 trailer reveals the new Spock

‘Star Trek’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals First Look At Spock, Premiere Date – New York Comic Con

The episode plays out in a similar fashion to a typical B-Plot on any number of Star Trek episodes, just without the main narrative of the Discovery in the foreground, it's goes from an nearly intense thriller vibe to a nice bit of comedy before settling gently into a rather thoughtful life lesson in the end, and I have to say I'm really digging this format.

"The 7 signals: who sent them and what do they mean is the drive of season 2". Jones further teased that we may meet the predator species on that planet who hunt Kelpiens as prey.

Peck said he had a lot of anxiety going into the last audition, but decided that, whatever happened, it was "an incredible experience to brush up against this character and this world".

Expect a lot of tension between this Spock and his sister, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green).

Mount added that "the writers did a very good job of creating a new Captain Pike", while exploring what we already know about him.

Culber was killed by a confused Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) partway through the first season, but as Cruz has remained part of the season 2 promotional circuit, one can assume that his character will return in some form or other.

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Series newcomer Ethan Peck explained what we can expect from Spock this season: "We have to start Spock in a place where we see how he becomes the Spock we know standing beside Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise".

Viewers will see L'Rell in charge and her arc will have her embracing her femininity - her character will grow her hair now that the war with Starfleet is over, as Klingons shave their heads during wartime in this iteration of Star Trek. "[Tilly] helped melt Stamets' crusty exterior", said Mary Wiseman, who plays the ever optimistic Lt. Tilly.

Martin-Green said Ethan is "just so good!" "It's a deeply emotional story".

To prepare, he watched the original series and read Nimoy's biography.

How did Peck feel when he first got on set, put on the ears, and got to work? "We can create a world where we really do respect each other".

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