Rick Gates Solicited Proposal For Online Disinformation Campaign to Help Trump

New York Times: Top Trump campaign official requested online manipulation plans from Israeli company

Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates Reportedly Sought Proposals on Online ‘Manipulation’ from Israeli Intel Firm in 2016

And he wanted to use social media to sow division and deepen rifts among the American electorate.

This, despite the fact that The New York Times' report explicitly states there is now no evidence to prove that the Trump campaign retained Psy-Group's services.

According to the New York Times, who obtained copies of three different proposals and spoke to four people involved in creating the proposals, Trump campaign official Rick Gates sought out an Israeli firm called Psy-Group, which is staffed by multiple former Israeli intelligence agents, for three separate proposals. Ted Cruz (R-TX), then Trump's main Republican opponent, away from him and toward Trump.

The proposal to gather intelligence on Clinton suggests "intensive, deep open source opposition research on target "Forest" and her 10 closest associates". The goal was always to help Trump win the presidency.

There is no indication the Trump campaign acted on the proposal, The Times said, but the firm's owner, Joel Zamel, did meet with Donald Trump Jr.in August 2016.

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The August 3 Trump Tower meeting is a focus of the ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller, the special counsel, who was tasked previous year with examining possible cooperation and coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation in the lead-up to the election. Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel's office are now investigating these proposals according to the New York Times.

Zamel's lawyer tells the Times that the Trump Tower meeting was cursory.

"Mr Zamel never pitched, or otherwise discussed, any of Psy-Group's proposals relating to the United States elections with anyone related to the Trump campaign, including not with Donald Trump Jr., except for outlining the capabilities of some of his companies in general terms", Zamel's lawyer, Marc Mukasey, said in a statement as cited by The Times.

Psy-Group claimed that it would provide "all services in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country/ies in which they are conducted".

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