Gambia: Awareness On Breast Cancer Begins in Earnest

“Your Health is Precious Get Screened”

'Screen For Life' campaign to mark breast cancer awareness month

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the city of Colfax is going all out to support fighters and survivors.

University of Wyoming Cowboy fans have the opportunity to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well. "We urgently need to invest in research to stop more women dying from breast cancer, and with the help of easyJet passengers and crew, we can get one step closer to putting a stop to this devastating disease".

Say no to smoking- Smoking doesn't only cause lung cancer but also affects the breast. Funds raised by the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative are granted into various Wyoming breast cancer programs and are also used to fund a statewide voucher program through the Wyoming Cancer Resource Services.

"I honestly wasn't the best about checking as often as I should have, but I would check every now and then since I was in my mid 20s", Gorbett said.

Treatment options for breast cancer depends on how advanced the cancer is at diagnosis, but most often includes removal of the cancer through a breast-conserving lumpectomy or mastectomy if necessary (removing the entire breast), radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or targeted hormone therapy.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns, President Trump & Haley to make "big announcement"
She was governor of SC when President Donald Trump offered her the job of ambassador to the UN. She stated that she's not running for president in 2020; she vowed to campaign for Trump.

Bright Pink is a national nonprofit that focuses on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, Gonzales said. Many women find their own breast cancer by noticing changes in the look and feel of their breasts.

The Musgrave affiliated retailer has created the Installation using 3,1000 roses, representing the number of people that would be told they have breast cancer this year.

For each purchase, P50 will go to the maintenance of the breast cancer center which provides health care and assistance to approximately 150 women a day-offering free breast health guidance, consultation, and check-ups.

"The Zeta foundation gives back to Zetas across the nation that helps us put on events like this", she said.

"It dates back to us doing it in the early 2000s and we've just kind of kept it ever since", she said. "I think we did a great job and we're proud that we could help".

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