'2.2m Nepalis suffer from mental health disorder' - Capital

Helen-Maria Vasiliadis

Helen-Maria Vasiliadis

Lady Gaga, who co-founded the Born This Way youth advocacy group, and Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general at the World Health Organization, co-authored the piece and shared some shocking statistics to bring attention to the importance of mental health.

After citing some grassroots programs in nations like Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom that are helping to erase some of the mental health stigma, the duo add that the World Health Organization has been working on a "global action plan" for the past five years.

But Nick asked one simple question: "I take calls from my listeners and they say that budgets have been cut, that mental health is not getting the money it had in previous years".

Corrigan said another reason why mental illness can be so costly is because it often affects younger people in their prime working years.

Despite the millions of people who are affected by mental health issues, many of those suffering don't speak up because of the stigma that still exists.

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In similar vein, the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki in commemoration of the day in Benin decried the attitude of many societies towards people having mental health problems and called for a change. "But factors such as financial problems, stress, substance abuse and exam stress can also be factors".

Theresa May has appointed the world's first Minister for Suicide Prevention in a bid to cut the number of people taking their own lives.

"The Benin Specialist Hospital will be open to offer specialist care to patients before the end of the year and we have received letters of intent from experts in the health sector, who want to partner with us to ensure that our health system can meet the needs of our people", he added. The initiative aims to look after the wellbeing of staff and provide mental health first aid to complement the physical first aiders based around the club.

The focus of this year's mental health day is on children and adolescents especially within the war-torn areas.

'Every suicide is a preventable death and we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the tragedy of suicide'.

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