Netanyahu to Meet with Putin in Coming Days

S-300 missile defense system taken

S-300 missile defense system taken

Fatima Abdul-Karim reports from Jerusalem al-Quds.

Netanyahu's interrogation took place two days before the planned start of his wife's trial, who is accused of fraudulently obtaining funding from the prime minister's office to order hundreds of meals from restaurants, worth more than 350,000 new shekels (about 97,000 USA dollars).

It is not the first time Sara Netanyahu, an educational psychologist, has come before a court over alleged misbehavior.

She was charged with fraud and breach of trust in June.

Prosecutors accuse her of misusing state funds to pay for catered meals costing $100,000 (85,000 euros) by falsely declaring there were no cooks available at the premier's official residence.

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Netanyahu's lawyers have argued she was oblivious to the regulations and that the meals were ordered by an assistant and served to visiting dignitaries.

As reported, in respect of Binyamin Netanyahu, the police recommended to indict in two separate cases in which we are talking about receiving luxurious gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars and attempt to agree on joint actions with the owner of one of the most influential publications of the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth. She has denied the charge, and the prime minister has said the family is the victim of a political witch hunt by political opponents seeking to depose his government. If convicted, Sara Netanyahu could face up to five years in prison. The state is also authorized to foot the bill for private guests of the prime minister and his or her spouse so long as this is not a social or family event involving more than 20 people. She flashed a nervous smile to a courtroom packed with reporters but made no remarks before the press was asked to leave.

Mr Netanyahu, Israel's political kingpin on track to become the country's longest-serving prime minister, has accrued a long list of detractors during his decades as a political operative from Israel to Washington.

Transcripts from police investigations have been leaked to the media. In 2016, a Jerusalem labour court ruled that she had insulted and raged at household staff in the prime minister's official residence.

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