Women still shying away from doing annual mammograms - Breast Friends president

Bellemare loved it. The women loved it. We're loving

Bellemare loved it. The women loved it. We're loving

Susan G. Komen for OR and Southwest Washington said it's goal for 2018 is to focus on research into aggressive forms of breast cancer, better help women with health disparities and put forth more research into technology that will better detect the cancer.

"It was the best gift I could have hoped for".

She added, "Today, Western countries are veering away from calling breast self-check as "life-saving" because they already have regular screening protocols which we still don't have in the Philippines". One in eight women will develop breast cancer during their life according to the American Cancer society. "A 20-minute abbreviated breast MRI screening helps diagnose masses and breast cancers that may be obscured by dense breast tissue on a mammogram", Dr. Stover said. However, ALL AGES need to be extremely vigilant and check their breasts regularly.

"A lot of cancers can be prevented with simple things like lifestyle, how you eat, your diet the things that you do on your daily basis, like I said before; tanning and reducing that and also making sure you're keeping up with your health", Hudson said.

"He was explaining that one percent of males get breast cancer, but it's something you don't get checked for and you don't think about", Kahne said.

"Either directly or through the experience of family and friends. It hangs on your door so it's a handy reminder and shows how to do a breast check properly".

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The unit was created on honor of Bonnie Wells Wilson, who battled breast cancer for nearly 20 years, and eventually fell victim to the disease in 1992.

This year marks 16 years that the Austin County Fair Association has joined forces with the American Cancer Society utilizing the program, Tough Enough to Wear Pink, to raise money for cancer research, education and patient services.

But it does not protect you from discrimination when buying life insurance. And to finish - some wise words from the cancer fighter herself.

Moten said she wanted to educate her peers at ECU to be aware of the risks cancer can pose. Don't hesitate to ask questions and find out all your options.

"To be able to use our platform to help that cause is just something that we just believe in as far as just giving back to the community", Robinson said. Let it all out.

"When it affects a family as much as it has mine you feel you have to do something". You will have good and bad days. "Having a group around you that values you and understands your coping mechanisms means they can support you". "And fight like hell!"

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