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Ruben Fleischer talks Venom 2

‘Venom’ Is a “Complete Failure” According to Early Social Media Reviews

In another negative review, Katherine McLaughin of SciFiNow was also critical of Venom, saying it "mostly wastes its stellar cast" and also criticized the film's mix of comedy, psychological horror and superheroes, believing it misses the mark in all aspects. Watching Ahmed try and fail to breathe life into the character of Carlton Drake, who seems to be heavily inspired by a certain billionaire who recently got into trouble with the SEC, is especially vexing.

"Venom" opens in theatres October 18.

Director Ruben Fleischer described this malarkey as a "grittier, grounded" version of Eddie Brock. Rather, it's a loud, kind of silly action/buddy cop movie that just wants you to kick back with a bucket of popcorn and have a good time while a space monster licks his chops at you.

"My son's a massive fan of Marvel and Venom, and he was very clear about what I can and can't do", Hardy said at the movie's red-carpet premiere, adding "It's very odd being told what to do by your son who's 10 and him being right".

"I've always dreamed of being in a movie where the anti-hero has a huge tongue, like the size of a slide", joked Jenny Slate, who plays Dr. Dora Skirth. "They just never made it in". All of the things that Spider-Man could do in the comics, all the ways he might move, respond, use his body or the environment, are available to you, the player, and over time you become better at choosing among various options and chaining them together, to fight, to dodge, to swing gloriously through the game's virtual mock-up of NY.

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"Venom feels like a throwback, a poor second cousin to the all-stars that have reliably dominated the box-office charts for most of this century".

With all that hate thrown out, it's still tough to actually despise Venom; much of what Tom Hardy is doing is nonetheless entertaining, whether it be bad or good. It was suggested that the film had been edited so that it would receive a PG-13 certificate in America. "Prime among these are the two stars, Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, who are giving intriguing and appealing performances before the parasite gets into the system and sucks out all the juice from the drama".

The clip sees journalist Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, enter a maximum security prison to interview a serial killer. She did, and with her CV and talent, that was even more depressing. It's hard to resist being charmed by this character and Hardy's freewheeling performance as the symbiote's initially unwilling host. Exhausted of the same old bland Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings? Spider-Man 3 grossed almost $900 million after opening in May 2007, but reviews were unkind, specifically with regards to the Venom storyline.

That's partly because in the comics, Venom was essentially Spider-Man's evil twin; Brock and the symbiote were joined together by their hatred of the webslinger, and their stories were nearly always intertwined with his.

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