Alyssa Milano adds her voice to #WhyIDidntReport movement

Alyssa Milano Blasts Donald Trump For Sexual Assault Tweet: ‘Listen The F*** Up’

#WhyIDidntReport Is the Most Powerful Reaction to Trump's Comments About Sexual Assault

President Donald Trump, for the first time, is calling out Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, by name and is questioning her account of an alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh 36 years ago based on the fact that she didn't report the incident at the time.

On Friday, Trump abandoned any restraint over Blasey Ford as he demanded that the Republican-controlled Senate get on with confirming Kavanaugh - and so tilt the highest USA judicial body further to the right before November's crucial mid-term elections.

Ford has not indicated that she filed charges. I never filed a police report and it took me 30 years to tell my parents. "They told me what I described was a rape". The High Crimes actress said that she only told her diary about the incident.

Many survivors said the reasons they didn't come forward were because they feared social repercussions and thought that no one would believe them.

After days of relative restraint, Trump - himself the subject of groping and other sexual harassment allegations by multiple women - launched an all-out attack on Ford's credibility.

She encourages readers to explore the #WhyIDidntReport hashtag and read survivors' stories, hard though they are.

Raped by a friend. I was confused. In denial. Afraid. His parents were richer & better connected than my parents. "He was a "good" student".

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"Because there were no avenues for holding him accountable that didn't involve the police".

"A well meaning mentor told me at 25 that people couldn't handle hearing about sexual abuse and it would sink my ministry. Also, guys can't be sexually assaulted #WhyIDidntReport", tweeted Andy McNeese.

Comedy writer Maura Quint wrote: "When I was 16, I had pretty much the same experience as Ford". This experience of being able to talk about this trauma openly, in a supportive environment with dozens of community responses of love and empathy, can feel cathartic. In Ford's case, the frankly horrific details, albeit sketchy due to repression and passage of considerable time, were first brought to Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein's attention, who tried hard to maintain the victim's anonymity for as long as possible. "I hope that the conversation we are having now would enable teenage girls today to know that they do need to turn to authorities, instead of my generation just living with this horror", Chamberlain said.

"I feel anxious in my stomach", she said Saturday.

Civil rights activist Deray also shared his own story from when he was a young boy.

"He was the nephew of my father's girlfriend at the time & was older & stronger than me. I believed, and now I am certain, he would have no concept of 'consent'".

Some of the reasons why this silence can be so hard to break through, as these tweets showcase, include guilt, fear and lack of resources or knowledge. "He was abusing other kids too, I later found out".

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