Cosby sentencing reveals generational divide over his legacy

Article Image Prosecutors Want Bill Cosby in Prison on Monday After Sentencing

Judge bars parade of Bill Cosby accusers at sentencing hearing

Two of the women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault decades ago have said they hope he will be sentenced to prison time this week.

There is a wide range of possibilities for Cosby's sentence.

Alternatively, all three counts may be merged into a single term of up to 10 years. However, he was released on $1 million bail with strict conditions that he remains at home till his sentencing. He can only leave his home with prior permission, to meet his lawyers or get medical treatment. The hearings will also determine whether Cosby is designated a sexually violent predator. Judge O'Neill has had authority over the case for three years, after police arrested Cosby in December 2015 as well as during his trial in 2017 which ended in gridlock.

Many see his arrest and subsequent conviction earlier this year as a high-profile legacy of the #MeToo movement - which has seen people across the world come forward to share their stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

However, Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O'Neill will determine if such an allegation holds any water. The first trial, at which only one other accuser testified, resulted in a hung jury.

Law professor Aviva Orenstein told Reuters that #MeToo "may have influenced the judge's willingness to allow more witnesses".

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They filed a motion this month demanding that O'Neill recuse himself from the case before sentencing, accusing him of bias because of an alleged grudge against a former prosecutor, Bruce Castor, who previously declined to prosecute Cosby and testified at a pre-trial hearing in the current case.

Cosby also could address the court in an "allocution", Delano said.

When Bill Cosby is sentenced Monday for drugging and molesting a woman, it will be a final chapter in downfall that leaves some blacks pained and others proud.

Cosby, once the beloved star of the 1980s television comedy "The Cosby Show", eventually faced accusations from some 60 women stretching back decades, some of which had always been known but previously failed to gain traction.

Allegations against the comedian date back to the 1960s.

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