Apple's new smartwatch can only monitor your heart in the US

Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection settings on iPhone

Enable Apple Watch Fall Detection in the Watch app on your iPhone

Check out the unboxing video below, where I talk about how cool this product is, speculate on why you might want to wait until the next one, and joke about how I'm going to tell people that this is a first-gen Watch and it cost me $17,000. But recent set of reports indicate the detector doesn't work as expected and that it is switched off by default for most of the users.

That said, there may appear to be a case in leaving fall detection disabled, particularly for the more physically active among us, as the online manual warns that it will be "more likely you are to trigger fall detection due to high impact activity that can appear to be a fall". When a wearer witnesses a hard fall, they'll hear an alarm go off with a significant vibration, soon after which they'll be able to choose from three options. Everyone else will have to manually enable the feature in the Emergency SOS settings of the smartwatch.

It's not clear why Apple chose to disable fall detection by default for users under 65.

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iFixit gives Apple Watch Series 4 a repairability score of 6 out of 10. If you remain immobile for about 60 seconds after the hard fall, the device will automatically call 911 and notify your emergency contacts along with your location.

Overseas customers looking to get the new Apple Watch, and keen on the new ECG feature shouldn't worry, though. It was found out that there is some margin of error as falls on surfaces like carpets or foam failed to start the fall detector. It will prove useful to people anxious about their heart health.

The day before, September 12 in the evening held a long-awaited presentation of Apple, which presented the new iPhone and smart watch that has traditionally caused a lot of comments in social networks. The same sensor has a dedicated cutout beside the microphone on the Series 3. The battery life remains similar to last year's model.

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