Here is your first look at Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker make-up


First Look: Joaquin Phoenix in Full Joker Makeup

Now, Phillips has shared a camera test in which we get a look at Phoenix in full Joker makeup. So when director Todd Phillips released this screen test of Joaquin in the clown makeup, I was interested to see what it would look like.

Phillips previously revealed the first look at Phoenix as The Joker without makeup on Instagram as well. We got a look at the actor in character as pre-Joker "Arthur" earlier in the week. But some of them have expressed frustration over the character's appearance, which is more similar to a traditional clown rather than the Clown Prince of Crime that many know and love.

A few seconds pass before clips of Phoenix dressed up as the Joker flicker into frame, cutting between the footage of him as the average-looking Arthur.

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The first official photo of Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight was "unlocked" as part of an online publicity stunt in 2007, where fans had to visit a viral marketing site for the reveal. This may not be his final look, since "Joker" is an origin story about Arthur finding his insane self. Leto and Nicholson's Jokers developed their unusual looks after a mishap at a chemical plant, while Ledger's take was more realistic, with actual war paint smeared on his face. In addition to its leading man, Joker - which is being produced by Martin Scorsese - also stars Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, Frances Conroy and Zazie Beetz.

The Joker standalone is set to hit theaters October 4, 2019. Warner Bros. describes it as a gritty character study and a broader cautionary tale.

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