Cruz, O'Rourke Square Off In Testy Dallas Debate

Ted Cruz Tries to Smear Beto O'Rourke with Barbecued Tofu

Willie Nelson has three words for country fans who can’t stand that he’s supporting a Democrat.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke says Sen. Ted Cruz traded blows in an atmosphere that somehow managed to convey the tight race pollsters say is unfolding and yet steer clear of any mudslinging.

Cruz and O'Rourke faced off in their first debate ahead of November 6's congressional elections at Southern Methodist University in Dallas on Friday, and Cruz's strategy swiftly became clear: Paint O'Rourke as too radical for this traditionally Republican state. Cruz, who was a legendary debater as an undergraduate at Princeton.

On Thursday, Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, a White House aide, toured NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston with Cruz.

"If you drill down and look at the data for unarmed black children killed by police, there is virtually no support for the idea that this happens at a frightening level", the Post found.

A question about the shooting of 26-year-old Botham Jean pivoted into Cruz chastising O'Rourke for calling for the officer's firing, using hateful rhetoric and "turning people against the police".

Alternating yard signs for Cruz and O'Rourke line the front lawns in the neighborhood, which is not unlike other areas of the country where Republicans find themselves on defense in 2018, facing voters that have traditionally voted Republican but may be disillusioned with the first years of the Donald Trump presidency.

The candidates sparred as well over the embattled Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who faces allegations that he assaulted a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, while both were in high school. "People", he said speaking to reporters at Texas State University. The Club for Growth is investing in the race on Cruz's behalf, but O'Rourke has campaigned against PAC money and outside spending so having the party swoop in with millions in television advertising might well be counterproductive. "I've done that, and if the people of Texas re-elect me I will continue to fight each and every day for jobs and economic opportunity for Texans".

"Ms. Ford's allegations must be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, full stop", Mr. O'Rourke began his comments. "Imagine the cost", O'Rourke said.

Ted Cruz Tries to Smear Beto O'Rourke with Barbecued Tofu

Looming over the race is the omnipresence of President Trump.

Cruz was asked whether he lost his dignity by supporting Trump after losing to him in a bruising 2016 Republican primary that saw Trump deriding the senator's wife and father. How could he square such harsh charges with support now, Mr. Cruz was asked?

From Cruz's point of view, the clip is damning of his opponent.

When it was his turn, Cruz said he admired O'Rourke for being passionate and believing in what he is fighting for - much like Bernie Sanders, the self-described Democratic socialist, Cruz noted. "It's the first time he is being directly confronted with his policies", said campaign spokeswoman Emily Miller.

But don't worry if you can't make the jaunt up I-35.

Such work would prove hard, Mr. Cruz said, given Mr. O'Rourke "has never talked to the president and wants to vote for impeachment".

The spat Cruz had with Trump in the 2016 primary, and the way Cruz capitulated nearly immediately after, was not just a matter of whether Cruz had the principles to stand up for himself or his family.

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