Capcom reveals new playable character for Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5 has Mega Busters, live-action cutscenes, and online multiplayer

On top of four silly alternate arms for Nero (including Mega Man's buster cannon and one created to slay pasta instead of demons), it comes with a pack of battle themes from earlier in the series.

With the Tokyo Game Show going on now, it's unclear as to whether or not they will reveal a new video or simply move on all together. You can also catch a glimpse of Dante's Devil Trigger.

No doubt Capcom is bringing their A-game to one of their most popular game series.

Nero and Dante will be joined in Red Grave City by mysterious new playable character V, a new client for the "Devil May Cry" office who talks in poetic verse, while Trish and Lady will also be making a comeback alongside Nero's partner, Nico.

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First, here are the character renders for Dante, Trish, and Lady released at TGS 2018. It also announced the deluxe edition of the game will include some exclusive Devil Breakers, including one that eats pasta and the iconic Mega Buster as seen in the trailer below.

The new DMC trailer was released during the Tokyo Game Show, held from September 20 to 23. (Dante will also have access to the Sparda, Rebellion, Ebony & Ivory, Coyote-A, and Balrog weapons.) Also, we get a good look at V, the new character. Hopefully, those animations are included in the final game.

Devil May Cry 5 is now planned for a March 8th, 2019, release!

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