Iran-Backed Hezbollah Says Group Will Stay In Syria Until Further Notice

Putin said it was the result of

Putin said it was the result of"tragic accidental circumstances Vladimir Putin

The downing late Monday, which killed 15 Russia servicemen, triggered an angry statement from the Defense Ministry blaming Israel, whose aircraft were attacking when Syrian forces fired the missile that hit the Russian Il-20.

Earlier, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent a letter of condolences to Putin over the deaths of Russian servicemen, saying the incident can not undermine the resolve of Moscow and Damascus to fight the terrorists.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Tuesday that there had been "a chain of tragic, accidental circumstances", he did complain to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that "Russian-Israeli agreements on preventing unsafe incidents had not been observed".

Russian Federation has acknowledged that antiaircraft forces of its ally Syria inadvertently brought down the Il-20 plane, but it also blamed Israel for conducting a fighter jet raid on Syrian forces around the same time. Washington would nearly certainly respond militarily to any Russian retaliation against the Israeli action in Latakia.

Israel worries Hezbollah has been improving its capabilities and increased its strikes in Syria to prevent weapons shipments to the group. "It's clear for all specialists that under cover of our Il-20 aircraft, a blow was struck, supposing that Syrian air defense systems wouldn't act in that direction", Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. Russian Federation has largely overlooked the sorties, which the Israelis say pose no direct threat to Moscow's ally, President Bashar Al Assad.

"When the Syrian Army launched the missiles that hit the Russian plane, IAF jets were already within Israeli airspace", the IDF said.

Indian Refiner Cancels Iran Oil Imports
The countries' diplomats say they fear the play will backfire, allowing Iran to blame an outside entity for the country's issues. UCO Bank and IDBI Bank have been identified to route the payment as the two have no exposure to the U.S. financial system.

He added that Israeli planes had targeted overnight Syrian army installations "from which systems to manufacture accurate and lethal weapons were about to be transferred on behalf of Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon".

The attack on Latakia came within hours of the announcement Monday by Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of an agreement reached in the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi to establish a jointly patrolled "demilitarized zone" between Syrian government troops and the Western-backed "rebels" concentrated in Syria's northwestern Idlib province. Israel and Hezbollah fought a brief war on Lebanese soil in 2006.

But the Kremlin quickly softened its line, with President Vladimir Putin calling it the result of "a chain of tragic coincidences".

Moscow has played a delicate diplomatic game of maintaining friendly ties with both Israel and Iran.

The deal to avoid a Syrian government offensive on Idlib province is still being worked out by Russian Federation and Turkey, the United Nations said Thursday, stressing that the threat to civilians remained high. Some Russian lawmakers and retired military officers called for a forceful response, saying Russia should provide Syria with the S-300 air defence systems and other sophisticated weapons to prevent any further strikes.

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